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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Each team must pay a $32 fee to the umpire at each game.
  • Each team must provide a brand new “Clincher Double Header” softball (green box) to the umpire before the start of the game.
  • Runners may not “lead”. Runners may not leave the base until the pitch crosses home plate.

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click here for information on approved/non-approved bats. Go to the bottom of the page enter "bats" and hit go button

Managers: please submit rosters and line-up cards to the Commissioner via E-Mail.


BSL supports the The Broadway Green Alliance.





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FOUND: Dry Erase Board - field 2 after the games on 7/31

If you lost it please contact  Dick C. 



FOUND: 3 gloves- field 6 after the games on 7/24 if you lost them please contact

Liz B. 



FOUND: A glove- Rawlings RBG36 - 3rd Base side - field GL 1 after the games on 7/17 if you lost one please contact

Jim D. 


FOUND: A glove- 1st Base side - field 6 after the games on 7/10 if you lost one please contact

Jack M. 



FOUND: two gloves were found on the fields after our games

If you lost them please contact  Dick C. 


LOST: A glove on field 4 after the games on 6/26 if you found one please contact

Katie N. 


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